Richardson Brand Hats and Caps

Bass Attitude Fishing has just upgraded to a premium Richardson brand cap. Great quality hats with a huge choice of colors and styles.

New! BAF - Performance Sun Hoodies

A new lightweight, moisture-wicking, and UV protection performance hoodie from Bass Attitude Fishing

Bass Attitude Fishing

Bass Attitude is not just about fishing… it is a way of life and an obsession.

New Graphin' Caps and Hats

Our most popular “graphin” design is now available in Richardson Brand Hats.

Respect the water…respect the fish…respect each other.

For over 40 years, our passion has been learning and sharing knowledge about the sport and science of fishing. As the sport continues to grow, it is critical to educate fellow anglers and citizens about proper fish care and aquatic habitat preservation and restoration. Join us in the pursuit of fostering a community of educated anglers across generations.